Feel can be used to talk about one’s physical, mental or emotional well-being.

e.g. How do you feel? / How are you feeling? I feel fine. /I’m feeling fine.
e.g.Do you feel happy?
e.g. I feel cold in winter.
e.g. She felt like an idiot for not calling back.

Feel can be used when something else causes sensations.
e.g. The Thai massage felt great.
e.g. While sitting outside, I felt a cockroach crawling up my leg.

Feel can be used to talk about opinions.
e.g. I feel that the government should do something about it.
e.g. She had a feeling that he was making a big mistake.
e.g. We felt it necessary to tell the manager about what had happened.

Feel like = want/would like
e.g. I feel like drinking something. Have you got any tea?
e.g. I felt like laughing when I saw him walk into a wall.
e.g. I felt like playing a game of tennis yesterday.

Feel = touch
e.g. I felt her forehead to see if she had a temperature.
e.g. The lights were closed, so I felt my way around the room.

It feels like (to compare your feelings with something else)
e.g. I was so tired. My body felt like a bag of potatoes.
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