Some idioms with “break”

Lucky break = good luck e.g. They got their lucky break when they went on the talent show.
Break a leg = good luck e.g. I’m sure you’ll do well on stage. Break a leg.
Break a habit = stop a habit e.g. It’s difficult to break a habit like smoking because you become addicted to nicotine.
Break a record = do better than a previous performance e.g. Do you think he’ll break the 100 metres record?
Break down = lose emotional control e.g. She was so upset about the divorce, she broke down, started crying and wouldn’t stop!
Break in on = interrupt e.g. I’m sorry to break in on your discussion but we need to move on to the next topic.
Break into = force an entry e.g. When we were on holiday, burglars broke into our flat and stole our TV.
Break new ground = make a discovery e.g. The researchers broke new ground yesterday in finding a cure for the illness.
Break of day = dawn e.g. We woke up at the break of day and headed for the mountains.
Break off = stop suddenly e.g. She broke off the engagement! Can you believe it? We were together for 10 years!
Break someone’s heart = upset someone e.g. She broke my heart when she told me she didn’t want to be with me.
Break something down = separate into small pieces e.g. We didn’t understand the maths problem, so the teacher broke it down for us.
Break the ice = create a relaxed atmosphere e.g. I can see we are all nervous here, so I’m going to break the ice and introduce myself.
Break the news = pass on information e.g. The doctor had to break the sad news to the family.
Make or break = succeed or fail e.g. This is his last chance. He’s either going to make it or break it.
Break out in a rash
= suddenly have a rash e.g. We went to pick wild berries in the hills and I broke out in a rash. I must be allergic to some plant.
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