Some idioms with "all"

All of a sudden=suddenly e.g. All of a sudden there was a strong wind.
All along=from the beginning e.g. If you knew about it all along, why didn’t you say something?
All set= ready e.g. We were all set to go once the taxi arrived.
All the same=no difference e.g. Travelling by bus, train and underground is all the same to me.
All in all=generally e.g. All in all I think it was a good evening.
All out=maximum effort e.g. They went all out to show us around the city. We visited all the monuments and attractions.
All rounder=having various skills e.g. Megan is an all rounder. She’s good at sports, a good student and popular.
All things considered/when all is said and done=taking everything into account e.g. All things considered, we’ll take that model.
Get away from it all=escape from everyday routine e.g. They went on a long trip to get away from it all.
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