Mobile text messages (txt/sms msgs)

To save time and space, text messages use words that are shortened, usually leaving out vowels (a, e, i, o, u). Numbers are also used instead of words. Here are some examples.

Abt About
Add Address
Asap As soon as possible
B2W Back to work
B4N Bye for now
Bcos because
Bday Birthday
Btw By the way
CMB Call me back
CMON Come on
C u l8r See you later
EF4T Effort
Enuf Enough
F2F Face to face
FYI For your information
G2G Got to go
G2CU Good to see you
Gnite good night
H8 Hate
HRU How are you?
HW Homework
IMAO In my arrogant opinion
LOL laugh out loud/Lots of love
MSG message
Pls please
Ppl people
RUOK Are you okay?
R u coming 2day Are you coming today?
Sry sorry
Thx Thanks
2 bsy atm, tlk l8tr Too busy at the moment, talk later
Ur your
W8 Wait
w/o without
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