Some idioms with "come"

Come across = find/meet accidently. e.g. I came across Pete while I was shopping.
Come again= pardon e.g. I didn’t hear what you said. Come again.
Come along = hurry up e.g. We’re going to be late, come along.
Come back=return e.g. They came back from Vietnam last night.
Come in handy = be useful e.g. Don’t throw that box away it might come in handy when we move.
Come into=inherit e.g. When his uncle died, he came into a fortune.
Come into force=become operational e.g. In January the new law will come into force.
Come out with = say e.g. Tell me what is on your mind. Just come out with it.
Come over=visit e.g. Ahmed is coming over later.
Come to=regain consciousness e.g. She fainted as it was too hot but now she is coming to.
Come to an arrangement = agree e.g. I’m sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement with the price.
Come true=actually occur e.g. My wish came true and I won the car.
How come=how did that happen? e.g. How come you didn’t go to the cinema?
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