Some idioms with "eye"

All eyes = paying attention e.g. All eyes were on China during the Olympic Games 2008.
Have a good eye for = be a good judge e.g. He has a good eye for fashion and dresses well.
Have eyes at the back of one’s head = aware of something you shouldn't know about e.g. We can’t do anything naughty in class, Mrs. Roberts has eyes at the back of her head.
Have ones one’s eyes on = take a liking to e.g. They have their eyes on the first prize.
In the public eye = famous e.g. People in the public eye don't have any privacy.
Keep an eye out for = watch out for e.g. Keep an eye out for the crocodile that escaped from the zoo.
Meet somebody’s eyes = look at face to face e.g. We meet each other’s eyes for a moment and then she looked away.
Naked eye = with our eyes only e.g. It’s impossible to see germs with the naked eye.
Not to be able to take one’s eyes off somebody/something = can’t stop looking. e.g. She looked so beautiful in an evening gown, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
Private eye = detective e.g. They hired a private eye to find out who was sending them anonymous letters.
See eye to eye = agree e.g. We don’t always see to eye to eye on political matters.
See with one’s own eyes = witness personally e.g. I’m going to check the leak with my own eyes.
Turn a blind eye to = pretend not to see e.g. Many workers don’t have work permits but employers turns a blind eye.
Up to one’s eyes = very busy e.g. Ever since I returned from my holiday I’m up to my eyes in paperwork.
With one’s eyes shut = very easily e.g. I’m so used to making burgers I can make them with my eyes shut.
Eye witness = see an incident e.g. They were eye witnesses to the car accident.
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