Roman numerals/numbers

Roman numbers or numerals are used after the names of kings and queens (Queen Elizabeth II, Henry V), exam questions (question x), page numbers in introductions (page xv) and some clock faces. They can be written in capital letters (I, II, III) or in lower case (x, xi, xii).

One I i
Two II ii
Three III iii
Four IV iv
Five Vv
Six VI vi
Seven VII vii
Eight VIII viii
Nine IX ix
Ten X x

Eleven XI xi
Twelve XII xii
Thirteen XIII xiii
Fourteen XIV xiv
Fifteen XV xv
Sixteen XVI xvi
Seventeen XVII xvii
Eighteen XVIII xviii
Nineteen XIX xix
Twenty XX xx

Thirty XXX xxx
Forty XL xl
Fifty L l
Sixty LX lx
Seventy LXX lxx
Eighty LXXX lxxx
Ninety XC xc
One hundred C c
One thousand M
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