Idioms with 'say'

As you say = I agree
As they say / as the saying goes = according to an expression
Have no say in = to have no opportunity or authority to express a point of view
Have something to say for oneself = to be able to account for one’s actions
Have one’s say = to forcefully express a point of view
I couldn’t say = I don’t know
If I may say so = if you want my point of view
I mean to say = to emphasise a previous point
I’m not just saying that = I really mean it
I must say = to emphasise
I wouldn’t say = I don't exactly mean
It goes without saying = It need not be mentioned
I wouldn’t say no = I would gladly agree
I wouldn’t say that = I disagree
Say no more = I don’t need to be persuaded
Just say the word = say what you need
Says you! = according to you!
That is to say = in other words
There’s no saying = one cannot guess
They say that = there is a rumour
What would you say to? = would you like?
You can say that again = I agree with you
Do you mean to say? = is that what you really mean?
You don’t say? = is that true?
Say when = tell me when to stop
To say the least = without exaggerating
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