Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Formal education methods, where the teacher instructs the whole class and the students work alone, are more reliable and produce better results than informal methods.

Do you agree or disagree?

Teaching methods have changed in recent years. Although traditional methods were limited to a teacher, exercise books, a whiteboard and homework, the modern classroom is more sophisticated. Group discussions are encouraged, technology has been introduced into the classroom and interactive screens are quickly becoming the norm.

As a passive teaching approach has been around for many years, perhaps that is why it is considered reliable. It may also seem to produce positive results as students are working within a framework with a fixed syllabus and regular tests to evaluate progress. This method however might only benefit those who are good listeners. Students who learn in other ways, for example, those who are visual learners might not find this method rewarding.

Informal ways are a better way of teaching and learning, in my opinion. Teachers do not feel pressured to cover set materials and can think outside the box while students who enjoy this approach are likely to remember what they have learnt. Students who go on school trips, have guest speakers, visit factories, watch videos, do group work, and play interactive games use their imagination more and have fun learning.

To sum up, each student learns in a different way and a teacher has a challenging task of catering to the needs of a class. Although creative teaching practices require more input from the teacher, I think they will produce enthusiastic students who are eager to learn and in turn likely to have better results.

Question taken from Step Up to IELTS Self-Study Student’s Book p.48
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