Idioms with 'short'

At short notice = with little warning
To cut a long story short = to summarise briefly
For short = in an abbreviated form
Short for = an abbreviation of
Go short = have too little of something
Run short = to not have enough
In short = stated briefly
Short and sweet = brief and to the point
The long and short of it = an abbreviated account
In short supply = not easily available
Little short of = almost the same as
Nothing short of = exactly the same as
In the short term = over a short space of time
Make short work of = to finish something quickly
Short-handed = not enough staff
Short of breath = breathless
Short-tempered = to get angry easily
Stop short of = to not go as far as
Cut short = to interrupt
Fall short = fail to meet a specified amount or standard
Short list = a list of fewer people or items chosen from a longer one
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