Phrasal verbs with 'pass'

Pass around = to offer something to each person in a group e.g. Pass these copies around.
Pass away / pass on = to die e.g. He passed away last year.
Pass by = to go past a person or place without stopping e.g. I pass by the bakery every day.
Pass by = time goes past e.g. Time passes by fast when you are having fun.
Pass something down = to teach or give something to someone to continue after you have died. e.g. The story was passed down from generation to generation.
Pass off as someone = to pretend you are better than you really are e.g. He passed himself off as a professional actor.
Pass on something = to tell someone something that someone else has told you. e.g. Please pass the message on to Keith.
Pass on to = to give a disease to another person or animal e.g. The virus was passed on to humans.
Pass on to something = move on to another topic e.g. Let’s pass on to the next item for discussion.
Pass out = to become unconscious e.g. He ran into a closed window and passed out.
Pass to = to become responsible for something e.g. The EU presidency will pass to Cyprus in 2012.
Pass something up = to not use an opportunity e.g. She passed up the offer of teaching in Ukraine.
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