Idioms with 'run'

On the run = having escaped from custody
Run for it = to escape
Run across/into someone = to meet someone by accident
Run along now = go away
Run a mile = to run away quickly in a panic
Run wild = to behave in an undisciplined way
Run down = in a poor condition
Run something into the ground = use something until it doesn’t work anymore
Run-of-the-mill = ordinary
Run out = expire
Run out of = to have no more of something
Run short = to not have enough
Run out of steam = to use up all your energy
Run out on someone = to desert someone
Run something in = to run a new machine until it is working properly
Run someone / something over = to drive over with a road vehicle
Run the risk = to do something involving risk
Run the show = to be in control
Run a tight ship = to maintain strict control
Run something through = to go through something from the beginning again
Run up against = to face
Trial run = to test something new
In the long run = eventually
Run in one’s blood = is inherited
Run in the family = an inherited characteristic
Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds = to support both sides in an argument at the same time
Still waters run deep = someone can be more knowledgeable than they first appear
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