General Training Model Answer - Writing (Task 2)

Some people warn that the era of the silver screen is coming to an end and that people will eventually lose interest in going to the cinema. Do you agree or disagree with this view?

Once a block-buster film hits the big screen it can be downloaded in a matter of hours onto computers around the world. With the availability of downloading software and on-line options for watching films, viewers have found a free and easy way to watch their favourite films.

Many people still flock to the cinema to watch the latest releases as this is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends.  Going to the movies is also a social experience where people can switch off for a couple of hours.Some types of movies especially the 3D variety and those that have special effects should always be watched on the big screen. Bollywood movies cause a sensation in the movie theatres of India due to their song and dance routine and action sequences. This experience will lose its magic if viewed at home.
On the other hand, technology has transformed the home into a theatre with the use of home-cinema and a person can have a private viewing of a film in the comfort of their home with all the extras found in a traditional movie theatre. As mentioned above, downloading or watching a film online is the choice of many.

Like other forms of entertainment, watching movies goes in and out of fashion but never fully disappears. The movie industry is worth millions particularly in Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong. Film festivals like the Oscars and Cannes also make movies popular and encourage people to go to the cinema.

Question taken from Step Up to IELTS Self-Study Student’s Book p.73
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