Idioms with ‘stand’

As things stand = according to the circumstances now
Know where one stands = to be aware of one’s position
Make a stand against = to resist
On stand-by = in reserve and ready
Stand alone = to be unique / without help
Stand by = to observe passively
Stand by = to be ready for action
Stand corrected = to accept you have made a mistake
Stand down = to withdraw from a contest
Stand firm = to be inflexible
Stand for = to represent
Stand in for = to substitute
Stand in someone’s way = prevent someone from doing something
Stand-offish = to have an unfriendly attitude
Stand by something = to be committed
Stand out = to be more noticeable that other things
Stand someone up = to fail to keep an appointment
Stand to win or lose = likely to win or lose
Stand up and be counted = to make your view known to all
Stand up for = support
Stand up to = resist
Take a stand on = prepared to defend a point of view
Stand one’s ground = to be firm
It stands to reason = it is logical
To not be able to stand the sight of someone or something = to have a strong dislike for someone or something
Stand a good chance = to be fairly likely to
Standing on ceremony = to behave too formally
Stand on one’s own two feet = to be independent
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